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Kalkara Marina
35o 53’.43 N

14o 31’.47 E
VHF Channel 13
Tel +356 21661306, +356 27661306, +356 99689794

Malta Charters boats are at Kalkara Marina. Situated amid the imposing and beautiful bastions of Valletta's Grand Harbour, provides an excellent starting point from where cruising sailors can plan their own holiday in Malta.

The brand new marina facilities are provided with amenities that include water and electricity on the pontoons, as well as showers and toilets. The berthing master is very helpful and professional.

History of Kalkara

Kalkara Bay lies to the north if the historic walled town of Birgu. Since the Middle Ages it served as one of the ports for the medieval castle of St Angelo. Here, ships from various parts of the Mediterranean came to trade with merchants established in this bustling maritime town.
On one side of the bay one may admire the massive walls that form part of the unique harbour fortifications that are present in the area. The northern side of the bay is lined with traditional seaside villas built from honey-coloured limestone. Numerous buildings of importance can be found in the immediate vicinity of Kalkara. These include the Maritime Institute, the Malta Centre for Restoration (housed in the former Naval hospital) and the imposing Fort Ricasoli where most scenes of the film Gladiator were shot.

Yacht Marina

One of the latest additions to Kalkara is a small yacht marina - efficiently run by a family business with a long maritime tradition. The facilities include fully equipped pontoons with assisted mooring and 24 hour security. Although opened just over a year ago this marina has become one of the most sought after spots for both foreign and local boat owners. Clients will certainly benefit from Malta Charters’ special relationship with this family-run marina and their adjacent boatyard. The atmosphere in Kalkara and the surrounding towns certainly reflects the friendliness of Maltese people. An outsider with an eye for detail will certainly pick up some of the lifestyle patterns of Maltese society which are typical of the Mediterranean.

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